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5 Stars Given…50 Stars if I Could!!!!!!!!

I have been working with Dr. Lee and her team for nearly a year now, going through multiple surgeries for tooth implants on both upper & lower jaws. When I first visited Dr. Lee for a consultation, I was very impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and the very technologically advanced tools and equipment that they use. I originally had thought I would visit with several Periodontal surgeons before making a decision, but after the initial visit with Dr. Lee, I felt extremely comfortable with everything that was proposed. Dr. Lee and the staff provided all of the cost information, what portion insurance would provide and how long each procedure would take, along with recuperative time.

During my first surgery, I had slight complications due to a health issue. Dr. Lee took the time to contact my personal physician to let him know what had occurred. She also made several follow-up calls to me, including the first evening, to see how I was feeling. Over the next 8 months, I had several follow on surgeries which included bone grafting and dental implants. With each of these, I received top service and treatment from Dr. Lee and all of her team, including Judea, Nicki, Holly, and Ayanna. I feel very welcome when I arrive at her office and am recognized by name beginning at check-in. Each member of the staff is very focused on the patient and making them feel comfortable and welcome at a time when anxieties may be high for the patient.

If you need dental surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Lee and encourage you to visit her. You will be amazed and very satisfied by the level of care that is given to you and ensuring your comfort is placed at the forefront of your care. - Rich Evans

This is a great place and they really take care of you. I've been going here for a couple of years due to my particular circumstances and I always feel that they put the patient first. I have talked to other people in the industry and have been told that Dr. Lee is one of the best! I definitely agree. - John Kirch

After a full year of dental reconstruction from a fainting episode, I have had a lot of care providers in this mouth of mine. When I found out that I needed an implant, I was nervous and scared. Dr Lee and her staff took away any of the anxiety and fears that I had from my very first visit. The environment is very friendly, clean, and bright. Every staff member is professional and the communication is always clear... - Nicole Knauer

I wholeheartedly can recommend Angie and her incredible staff. I had a front tooth implant done and they were with me every step of the way

If you are looking to get an implant, it is a multistage process that can take a while, but with the fine people here it makes it a little less stressful. - m r