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At Periodontal & Implant Center of the Rockies, modern dental technology is a crucial part of our practice approach. Thus, we continuously update our clinic and educate and train ourselves to stay abreast of the latest dental technologies in Periodontics because we aim to make sure that your smile is both clean and healthy.

We are highly committed to staying at the medical and dental technology forefront, ensuring our patients receive the best clinical results, safely—with less pain and fewer visits. With these latest technologies at our disposal, we can detect subtle signs of much more serious oral and health issues so they can be quickly treated.

Among the most advanced dental technology in Periodontics that we have access to and use include are:

Digital X-Ray

We use digital radiography for quick and better diagnoses. Digital radiography directly converts the transmitted X-ray photons into a digital image. It does this by using numerous solid-state detectors with computer processing and image display. 

This technology enables our dentist to apply preview X-ray images on the spot in seconds and suggest the best results for the right periodontics procedure. Up to nearly 90 percent radiation reduction, Digital X-rays are safe and time-saving. Also, with improved image clarity, we can diagnose with more accuracy and treat conditions promptly.

Revolutionary Oral Cancer Screening with OralID

OralID is a cutting-edge mouth cancer screening technology that enables us to identify oral cancer signs, precancerous cells, and even other tissue abnormalities with the utmost ease. The optical fluorescence technology is designed to illuminate irregularities in tissue that are otherwise are hard to detect. This further helps us provide you with the right treatment for oral cancer. As with all forms of cancer, oral cancer is also successfully and effectively treated when it is detected at an early stage.

Sedation Options

At Periodontal & Implant Center of the Rockies, we use the latest dental technologies to ensure they don’t feel anxious while getting the treatment. We help you say goodbye to dental anxiety and phobia with IV SEDATION. This procedure is where we administer a powerful sedative through a painless and small injection in the arm. It is all that patients with dental fear and anxiety need to deeply relax and ensure that the treatment is comfortable and not painful. With sedation dentistry, our dentist can quickly calm your anxious mind while protecting you from discomfort at the same time.  

Sinus Elevation

We also specialize in sinus elevation or sinus lift surgery. This surgical procedure lifts the lower Schneiderian membrane and places a bone graft to increase the bone amount in the upper jaw bone, in the area of molar and premolar teeth. The purpose of the sinus elevation is to graft extra bone into the maxillary sinus so that more bone is available to support dental implants.

For more information or to schedule a dental appointment, call us at 970-999-5126.